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This week’s theme is songs from movies. That can be any song really, since all manners of pop, country, rock, etc. songs are featured in trailers, in the films themselves and in the soundtracks only. Should be interesting to see what the judges choose for them to sing.

Stacy FrancisQueen of the Night (Whitney Houston/The Bodyguard) – this is a divalicious song and she has the chops to bring it. Though it is probably my least favorite song from the film. Keeping the choir-like backing vocals was a nice way to distinguish it as a “Stacy” sound. The chorus was strong – but she was clearly winded with all of the moving around stage and dancing. Solid performance.

Marcus CantyI’m Going Down (Rose Royce – Car Wash) – wow, this is an odd song choice. Mainly because this is an iconic torch song sang famously by women (Mary J. Blige most recently). Risky!!! He has a real R. Kelly vibe to his voice that I find particularly compelling. He actually made me interested in this song from the male point of view. LA said this was going to be stripped down with no dancing, but Marcus cannot help but to move around! Excellent!

DrewFix You (Coldplay – You, Me & Dupree) – I’m still a little irritated that they dropped her last name, but she is a wonderful young lady. I am glad the crowd is enthusiastic, but I hate when they scream over the softer moments of the song. When I looked up and saw her styling I literally gasped…in horror! What did they do to her hair and that crazy ass dress was too much. That being said, this was a great performance. Apparently Drew designed that dress herself…ugh!!

LeRoy BellI Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (U2 – Runaway Bride) – I hope LeRoy has shaken off the nerves! This is a wonderful and could be perfectly suited for him. He started strongly and then the clapping of the audience took him off beat. It took him a couple of measures to bring it back, but he did . The gospel-tinged theme to this song was nice and seemed to allow LeRoy to open up in a way we haven’t seen him do yet in the competition. Strong performance.

Lakoda RayneSomebody Like You (Keith Urban – How To Lose A Guy In 10Days) – I know that LA wants them to pick a genre, but I think they can do extremely well in the pop country category. See Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and The Band Perry – they are all doing all right in that in between space. Lakoda Rayne (silliest name ever) are really starting to gel as a group and this was a really good performance.

AstroLose Yourself (Eminem – 8 Mile) – I think it is interesting that this kid writes his own lyrics every week. He continues to do an amazing job, but that has to be tough! He seemed to get really winded in this performance and he dropped out of the lyrics a couple of times. Eminem is known for his crazy fast flow and his triplet style, so this is a hard song to have to re-create. The kid is brilliant and I am wondering how they got this song cleared!!

Melanie AmaroMan In The Mirror (Michael Jackson – This Is It) – Um, yeah…she looks amazing! I think they a cheat by choosing a song from a MJ documentary, but whatever. This is one of my absolute favorite Michael songs. There was no indication that she was suffering from voice problems! This girl is a superstar and Drew needs to watch her back – Melanie is stepping up more and more. Fave performance so far.

Stereo HogzzAin’t No Other Man (Christina Aguilera – Get Smart) – this is an odd song choice…let’s see what they can do with it. I like the song a lot, but I am not sure it is what I would have chosen for them, especially since they were in the Bottom 2 last week. Ok – maybe I was wrong. The boys are making this work. Their stage work is really reminiscent of New Edition and that is not a bad thing at all. I was pleasantly surprised by this performance.

Josh KrajcikWith A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles/Joe Cocker – Across The Universe) – Josh was in the press a lot this week. Apparently the show doctor says he needs to stop drinking and smoking if he wants any chance at all to win the $5 million prize. Here’s hoping he takes that advice, because he is in my top 3. He does evoke Joe Cocker when I close my eyes and listen to him sing and happily, when I look at the screen – he does make the crazy faces that Cocker brings to his performances. The backing vocals really added nicely to this song and he has just overtaken Melanie as my fave of the night.

Chris ReneGangsta’s Paradise (Coolio – Dangerous Minds) – I’m pretty sure he will re-write his rap portion of this song, like Astro did. Yup – he is starting with an original beginning. He definitely has his swagger back. This is where he is comfortable, but the backing vocal carried too much of the lead vocal for my liking. Another thing that irritated me a bit…the song is Gangsta’s Paradise, but they used the original Stevie Wonder hook which is Pastime Paradise, just a niggling little thing – I can get over because he did a good job overall.

Rachel CrowI’d Rather Go Blind (Etta James – Cadillac Records) – I had heard she was going to sing “At Last” from this film and though I like and know this song choice – not sure how much of America is familiar with it. This is so her wheelhouse. Simon needs to keep her with these kinds of grooves and to bring it modern – he can give her Adele, Winehouse and Duffy to sing. She has a smoky, British girl thing going on. Her voice is too mature for the cutesy stuff he was giving her before. This was a wonderful performance.

What did you think? Tonight at the movies was really good. I am not sure who will be in the bottom tomorrow night. Willow Smith and Jessi J will be performing on the live show tomorrow.



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