Ryan states that the contestants garnered 33 million votes over the two nights, not a record-breaker – but solid numbers for sure. Let’s see who made it in…

The guys are up first…Chase, Phillip and Jeremy are called up first. Interscope Chairman  and contestant mentor, Jimmy Iovine gives feedback – says that Jeremy and Chase are not the ones and states that he would sign Phillip on the spot. America agrees with Jimmy – Phillip Phillips is in, the others are out for now. I think one of the judges might save Jeremy…we’ll see.

Next up are Brielle Von Hugel, Hallie Day, Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh. Jimmy has the most positive things to say about Hollie and Jessica – saying he would sign Jessica on the spot. Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez make it in.

Joshua Ledet, Heejun Han and Adam Brock get called up next. I am hoping that Joshua definitely makes the cut. The others were OK, I prefer Heejun out of the two of them, but I am betting on Joshua. Jimmy really like Joshua and calls him the “real deal” but he also says that it is his job to make sure Joshua does not turn into Sister Act III. Adam is meh to Jimmy, and he just does not get Heejun! Joshua Ledet and Heejun Han make it through.

Shannon Magrane and the three country singers: Skylar Lane, Chelsea Sorrell and Baylie Brown are up next…Skylar should be a lock, I’m not sure who else is going through with her. Jimmy loves what Skylar did and thinks that Shannon has a lovely voice and a prom dress! Chelsea and Baylie do not fair as well in his eyes. When referring to Baylie he said, “Out of tune, I believe out of here” uh oh… Shannon Magrane and Skylar Lane move forward in the competition.

Aaron Marcellus, Creighton Fraker and Reed Grimm are called up…this is a tough group to call. Aaron is technically proficient, but boring. Creighton is fun and Reed gave a different performance! Toss up! Jimmy called Reed a nightclub act. Aaron confused him because he thought he was mediocre but the judges and audience stood up for him and Creighton’s “screechy” voice annoys him. Jimmy is very Simon-like and since he will be helping them contestants create their images/careers – I guess he is the voice I would trust most. Interestingly, none of these guys made it to the top 10…maybe one of them will get a wild card spot.

It’s time for more ladies:  Elise Testone, Erika Van Pelt, Hayley Johnson and Jen Hirsh. Jimmy likes Erika, Jen and cannot get around the fact Hayley sang out of tune the entire time. He agrees with the judges and states that Elise has a lot of character and he would like to see her sing original songs. There is only one spot left for the ladies – I feel 100% certain that Elise is going to get it. I’m right – Elise Testone is the final girl in the top 10…the other girls need to hope for a wild card spot.

Now we have the remaining guys…Colton Dixon, DeAndre Brackensick, Eben Franckewitz and Jermaine Jones only two from this group are going to make it to the top 10…my favorites are Jermaine and DeAndre. But this is the group that I can see two wild cards come from…they all have a definite appeal. Jimmy loves that the judges brought Jermaine back – he says he could listen to an entire album of his voice. He says DeAndre has potential but he needs a coach. Eben is not ready for prime time according to Jimmy and Colton is one of the most talented in the contest according to Jimmy but he does not want him to peak to soon. Jermaine Jones and Colton Dixon make it to the top 10! I was 50% correct. I am pulling for a wild card spot for DeAndre.

Now the judges will choose six contestants to sing for three spots…

Jen Hirsh is up first, she chooses the much simpler to sing Oh! Darling (The Beatles) – I thinks she over sings it and doesn’t put herself in  a good position for a spot. The lukewarm responses from the judges may confirm my thoughts.

Jeremy Rosado sings I Know You Won’t (Carrie Underwood) – he puts his heart into it. I really hope this kid makes it in. I love his personality and voice.

Brielle Von Hugel – Someone Like You (Adele) – I guess she did not hear Jimmy say that there are too many Adele wannabes out there. She did not sing this as well as she sang  Dock of the Bay.

DeAndre Brackensick chooses an old standby Georgia On My Mind (Ray Charles). This lets him show more of his range (not just the falsetto) and it shows an originality in the way he chooses to perform the song.

Erika Van Pelt picks Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory - this is a good song for her range. The other contestants are singing along with her, this might be hers to lose.

Reed Grimm choose Use Me (Bill Withers) – this is one of my favorite songs. Why is his shirt off?? Goodness! This is a messy performance. The judges comments don’t give me much confidence that he will be making it through.

Creighton Fraker, Aaron Marcellus, Chase Likens, Chelsea Sorrell, Hallie Day, Hayley Johnson, Eben Franckewitz and Adam Brock and Baylie Brown are officially eliminated.

The judges make their picks…Randy choose Erika Van Pelt, Jennifer gives Jeremy Rosado another shot and finally Steven lets DeAndre Brackensick know that he can let his hair down at least one more time.

What do you think of this top 13? I think it is a really good group, America and the judges did a good job. Next week, the guys will take on Stevie Wonder, the women will pay tribute to Whitney Houston, and they’ll all be mentored by Mary J. Blige.

Top 13

  • Phillip Phillips
  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Joshua Ledet 
  • Heejun Han
  • Shannon Magrane 
  • Skylar Lane
  • Elise Testone
  •  Jermaine Jones  
  • Colton Dixon 
  • Erika Van Pelt
  • Jeremy Rosado 
  • DeAndre Brackensick



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