AMERICAN IDOL: The Final 13: Clockwise from Left: Joshua Ledet, Elise Testone, Phillip Phillips, Heejun Han, Shannon Magrane, Erika Van Pelt, DeAndre Brackensick, Jeremy Rosado, Skylar Laine, Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh and Colton Dixon. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

That’s crazy! He also announces that it will be boys vs. girls tonight and that tomorrow they will reveal the bottom girl and bottom boy and the judges will decide who stays and who will go. Both artists are VERY difficult to sing, I’m excited to see how the night turns out.

Joshua Ledet (I Wish) – this song is out of his comfort zone and MJB is giving him some good tips and brings in a gospel piano player to help him get through the rehearsal. He seems to have it under his belt by the time he hits the stage. Though it was a very solid performance – he did not stray too far from the original song. He does a great voice and I enjoyed the performance.

Elise Testone (I’m Your Baby Tonight) – she came in thinking that she was going to sing The Greatest Love of All┬ábut they changed the song on her. I love her voice and if she can make me enjoy tonight’s song – she is the ish! I like the jazz pop arrangement of this performance. She did not make me love this song – but she did a fairly good job.

Jermaine Jones (Knocks Me Off My Feet) – Elliot Yamin (season 5) sang one of my favorite versions of this song so I hold this song in very high esteem. Jimmy and MJB had very few notes for Jermaine and Jimmy is overjoyed that he is still in the competition. This song sounds wonderful in his range and he (sorry for the cliche) knocks me off my feet with his performance. #1 with a bullet.

Erika Van Pelt (I Believe in You and Me) – her voice is AWESOME! I forget that she has that lovely alto almost tenor voice in her lower register. Jimmy and MJB tell her to bring Erika to the song as opposed to mimicking Whitney. That as great advice because she tore it up. When she moved to her upper register without even a hint of strain or over-diva-ing, it made me look up from the keyboard! Well done Erika.

Colton Dixon (Lately) – this is an amazingly hard song to sing – I hope he can pull it off. His voice is very thin and reedy. He is definitely much more used to belting out rock anthems than singing these types of songs. He is not the worst voice ever, but this performance puts him in the bottom for me. He has the cute, young tween girl contingent behind him – he will likely be safe.

Shannon Magrane (I Have Nothing) – MJB told her to stop running towards the big note because it will come. I think the nerves got in the way tonight. Her voice was cracking all over the place and this was not her best at all. I did like the change up of her look – she looked less like a┬ápageant girl and more like a cute teenager.

DeAndre Brackensick (Master Blaster) – this is a little known Stevie song, but it is one that I really enjoy. I hope DeAndre brings it!! There is a huge amount of syncopation in this song and Jimmy and MJB think he can bring it. I like that he started in his normal voice, no sign of the falsetto until late in the song. This is a downloadable performance. Really strong.

Skylar Laine (Where Do Broken Hearts Go?) – MJB gave her the best advice on that song. I like that she changed it to be more country-focused. She is a great performer and one of the stronger females in the competition. I am not worried about her moving on. Good job Skylar.

Heejun Han (All Is Fair In Love) – I love Heejun’s weird sense of humor and the fact that he can actually sings helps his silly antics. He starts a little too timidly for me, but as the song progresses – he gains confidence. I, like MJB, am also surprised when I hear him sing. He really is quite good. This was a good effort – not as strong as some, but really good.

Hollie Cavanagh (All The Man That I Need) – MJB tells her not to worry about faking it or trying to find “it”. She has a BIG voice so I am expecting big things from her performance. Her tone married with the arrangement makes this a really good performance. She sounded flat in a couple of spots – but then she slays the glory note and I am back on board.

Jeremy Rosado (Ribbon In The Sky) – Jimmy states that Jeremy chose this song on purpose…he wants to prove to America that he should have been in the Top 10. He sounds much better than he did in rehearsal and he gets better as the song builds. He was really great. A favorite performance of the evening.

Jessica Sanchez (I Will Always Love You) – Jimmy and MJB tell her to ramp back on some of the melisma and show-off-y stuff. They want her to just sing it. MJB says the rehearsal version of the song was impeccable. She started this acapella and nailed it. This youn lady is a dayum star! This is an iconic song and this young lady stepped in and made it her own. Good for her. She had a pretty perfect performance (sorry for the alliteration)! But wow!

Phillip Phillips (Superstition) – he gets the pimp spot, I hope he can top Jessica’s performance. Although this song has been done many times on this show, he says that he is going to bring a whole new spin to this song. His was an exciting performance. Good job Phillip!

The girls really stepped up and they are starting to prove me wrong. The first elimination will run a little differently than in year’s past. On Thursday’s show, host Ryan Seacrest will announce the guy and the girl who got the least votes, then let the judges pick which one stays and which goes.

My bottom girl was Shannon Magrane and my bottom boy was Colton Dixon. What say you??





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