Ryan opens with the information regarding Jermaine Jones’ disqualification. It is a live show and they will have to somehow allot for the time that Jermaine would have had for his song, his coaching and whatever other package they had prepared. We will see how that pans out. Tonight the contestants will sing songs from the year they were born and the songs will range from 1983 – 1995 – dang I feel old!! will.i.am will be the guest mentor with Jimmy Iovine.

Phillip Phillips (1990) Hard to Handle (Black Crowes) - apparently he was an premie and the health issues that he had last week were kidney stones. Will and Jimmy say that he sounds great even though he was on his way to the hospital to have his kidney stones removed. I really love music from the 90s and this is one of my favorites. I like his performance of this song – it was solid, no surprises just well performed.

Jessica Sanchez (1995) Turn The Beat Around (Gloria Estefan) – this is kind of a cheat since the original was definitely from the 70s. This is a weird song choice for her. I would have maybe chosen Take A Bow (Madonna) or even You Are Not Alone (Michael Jackson)…those better fit the torch singer thing that she has set up. It seems like she has a little problem hearing the mix at the beginning but she gets it done. She performs the song to perfection, but it is super staged. I would love to see her get a little loser and less “performing arts school”. She’s great – I’m not going to lie, just want her a bit more raw.

Heejun Han (1989) Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx) – he was born the year I graduated from high school…goodness. There is nothing that anyone can ever do to make a Richard Marx song palatable for me. Ugh – this is a sappy mess and brings out all of the things that are so not good about this song. Heejun might be out after this mess of a song.

Elise Testone (1983) Let’s Stay Together (Al Green) – I think Elise is the oldest contestant in the competition. She was nearly eliminated last week so she has to sing her butt off to prove they did the right thing. will.i.am wants her to smile when she sings – let’s see what she does…She is so much more in her element this week. I’m not sure if I dig her sitting on top of a piano but she really nails it and this is the best performance of the night so far.

DeAndre Brackensick (1994) Endless Love (Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey) – he originally chose Can You Feel The Love Tonight - he makes crappy song choices and this might be his undoing in this competition. Jimmy chooses Endless Love and it is a better song for him, but I still don’t know if it was the best choice for him. He had a nice performance – but it was nothing exciting.

Shannon Magrane (1995) One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey/Boyz II Men) – I think that Jessica should have chosen this song to sing, it would have been a better pick for her. This song is way too big for her and her pageant girl voice. She conquers some of the breathing issues that will.i.am pointed out – but she sounded out of breath and that made her sound thin-voiced. The No Doubt song that Jimmy suggested would have been a better choice.

Colton Dixon (1991) Broken Heart (White Lion) – I don’t think I have heard this song before. He had dinner with Chris Daughtry and the advice that Chris gave him was that he should choose songs that people will know. Colton says that he will take that advice next week. Colton has a great voice and I really think that he doesn’t care whether he wins or not (Daughtry didn’t)…he is choosing song that will highlight the kind of artist he will be, he reminds me a bit of Glambert. He is cute and sings well – he will probably move forward.

Erika Van Pelt (1985) Heaven (Bryan Adams) – I am fairly certain I blocked this song out from the 80s…so when she sings it, I think it will be new to me! She gets off to a rough start and it doesn’t get much better as she progresses. In rehearsal she sounded much better. She should be in the bottom.

Jermaine Jones – the producers sit down with him and confront him about his criminal background. He denies it because he was “scared” and “didn’t want to be charged”. He was going to sing Somewhere Out There from An American Tail. From what all are saying it would have been a highlight of the show.

 Skylar Laine (1994) Love’s Sneaking Up on You (Bonnie Raitt) – will doesn’t think this song is big enough for her and he suggests Coolio’s Fantastic Voyage. She rejects that song…though it was a weird sounding song choice, I think she would have been better served with that Coolio song. Skylar sings the song well, but there is no oomph to it. Jimmy suggested All I Want To Do by Sheryl Crow and that probably would have been a good fit as well. This was a meh performance.

Joshua Ledet (1992) When A Man Loves A Woman (Michael Bolton) – someone sent Joshua a whole mess of crawfish from Louisiana! He gives Ryan a lesson on how to eat them. I have a feeling that he is going to be more Percy Sledge (the original singer of this song) and less Bolton…Jimmy and will both give him high praise in rehearsal. WOW!! I couldn’t type one word while he was singing because I could not look away from the screen. He was in the bottom last week, but I don’t think he’ll be there next week. My favorite of the night.

AMERICAN IDOL: Hollie Cavanaugh performs in front of the Judges on AMERICAN IDOL airing Wednesday, March 14 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Carin Baer / FOX.

Hollie Cavanagh (1993) Power of Love (Celine Dion) – Hollie gets the pimp spot and on a night that was more mediocre than outstanding (a couple of exceptions aside) she can make the most of this position. Her parents call her “untidy” and they appear to have an Irish brogue – they never say where they are from and I have stated that I hear a little something in her speaking voice. This is a huge ballad and she looks up to the challenge. Her’s was the best of the ballads tonight. The girl has a really wonderful voice.

Top 3

  • Joshua Ledet
  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Elise Testone

Bottom 3

  • Heejun Han
  • Erika Van Pelt
  • Skylar Laine

This was a tough night. I know the contestants had a tough night dealing with the disqualification of Jermaine but there were some real standout performances tonight. Who were your favorites? Tomorrow night we may have an elimination and we will have performances by Daughtry and Demi Lovato (not together, I hope)! Ryan also teases some J Lo news.

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